Why Heathrow Meet & Greet Valet Parking?



Few imperative guidelines before you choose a company for the parking.

PRICE – Airport parking is a high overhead involved line of a business. If you see someone offering you a much cheaper price means, something wrong somewhere.

CHECK THE COMPANY STATUS- Always check if the company is registered or has a valid trading name and verified by company house or company check and VAT registered etc.

VALID LANDLINE – A verified company with an address should always have a landline to contact.

VALID TESTIMONIALS – Do not believe in any feedbacks you see onsite. It can be edited to make it look shine. Always refer to a third party review company.

CHECK IF THE COMPANY IS APPROVED BY AIRPORT- So far there are only 9 companies have been approved by Heathrow to operate off-site valet parking after conducting vigorous checks. An approved company will always carry HAL passes.

APPEARANCE- Would you be happy if someone turns up to collect your car with hoodies and tracksuit bottoms? Guess not. Be careful of those companies.  No high-visible jacket with company name printed means COWBOYS!

VALID INSURANCE- Always ask “who is your insurance provider?” If it’s not TRADE-EX jockey policy, don’t even think twice to book with someone else. 

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