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A quick guide to the understanding of AIRPORT PARKING when you are choosing the right company.

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You may think it's just a parking company, who attend, pick up your car and park somewhere for you. Not quite! We have responsibility for thousands of cars at any given time. You may not be aware that the majority of people opt for the cheaper company. They then attribute the shoddy service received to the entire parking industry. It is frustrating that a flashy website and lower price can be so tempting.

Please be aware: there are only nine approved Off-Airport parking companies officially appointed to operate at Heathrow, including ourselves. However, there are more than 20 companies trading there. According to the law, nobody can stop them because the airport is open to the public. These rogue companies are able to mingle with the others and manipulate the market by offering a cheaper service.

Our prices are affordable to the average family. We park your vehicle in a secured compound and operate with a valid airport parking (Trade-ex jokey policy) insurance and EL/PL cover and pay wage Etc. If some company out there to offer a week parking, substantially cheaper than the average means, it’s a serious number to be consider and factor the following statement,

- How can they afford a secured compound? I'm sure you would expect a secured area for your vehicle, not for it to be left in a field or streets.

- A good Insurance to cover if anything happens? As mentioned above a Trade-ex jockey policy would cost minimum £200 per driver per month. It is unlikely an unapproved operator would purchase the necessary policy.

- Pay a minimum wage? Not our concern.

- Pay for car park charges? In a legitimate designated area, when either dropping off or collecting your vehicle with a Meet and Greet company, the cost is £7.60. Is it feasible that a cheaper company would be able to afford such charges?

- Let us not forget other expenses - Phone bills, office rent, VAT returns, corporation taxes, PAYE, advertising etc.

Plus, there appear to be more comparison sites available on the web than there are vehicles to park! The reputations of both Heathrow Airport and parking companies are being tarnished by these unapproved rogue operators. We have seen evidence of this in the media. We have also witnessed, particularly during the holiday season, the downside of travellers booking cheaper parking via the comparison sites. The car owner turns up without even knowing the name of the parking operator. If any complaints are raised, the answer is invariably - 'Sorry, we only act as an agent for your booking; you have to contact your service provider.'. So, why are you helping to breed more rogue traders? Bargain hunters are being targeted by these companies!
Ironically, there are more one-man band operators out there, parking off-road, than there are legitimate companies. What happens when these areas become over-loaded? The operator goes AWOL, and the vehicles are stranded in a field or possibly in a small rented space next to a scrap yard for instance.

So here is the solution. If you can afford to spend thousands of pounds on a holiday, you can surely spend an extra few pounds ensuring the safe-keeping of your vehicle by using a trustworthy company.

None of these above will force you to book parking with us. But I appreciate if you understand how the system works and save yourselves a bit of a trouble when choosing the right company.
When viewing an airport comparison site, always check the brand name that gives the cheapest quote and make sure this is a valid website with a UK registered company. If you do not know how to do this, please follow the link here: (type the company name on this link)
If the company status shows up anything other than 'ACTIVE' then the decision rests with you.

All the best.

Shakib Chawdhri


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